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Wisdom from Land Spirits and the Runes regarding our pandemic

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Author: Michael Erwin

The Spirits and Runes were speaking clearly today! Tears were shed in the desert as valuable insight was gained. Offerings were left for their wisdom. An 18 mile adventure in the desert seeking answers about our current state of affairs proved valuable today.

The land spirits said although our view may be partially blocked, there is new growth on the horizon.

This plant spirit said to reach out to family that you may be at odds with and make things right. You may not have another chance.

Butterfly says that even though transitions are painful, they can provide beautiful new opportunities later.

These Runes speak clearly about our ability to stand strong during this turbulent ride and that we will once again be able to plan for the future. The remaining water shows that emotionally we need to keep things under control and not let fear rule us.

This lone flower says to be mindful of being too isolated- reach out and connect with others via social media, phone calls and any other way you safely can.

This old soul reminds us to not get too bent out of shape with changes that are forced upon us. When we do we lose what makes us special.

Sky Spirit says that although we may be peeking behind blinds, don’t forget to let your soul shine through the darkness. You are needed in the world.

This very angry rattlesnake teaches us to keep our natural defense up more than ever right now. Eat well, nurture your body, exercise, take time for self care and get out in the sun.

This parasitic plant spirt offers a heavy warning that the weak will be prayed upon more than ever before. Do your best to protect those vulnerable to people looking to take advantage of others.

On the banks of this life giving stream, these Runes represent our emotional body. Wunjo says that although we may be socially restricted, continue to seek joy with others. Gebo reminds us to be particularly mindful of those we are sheltered in with, and make sure to not let our fears disrupt our closest relationships. Dagaz speaks clearly of a new awakening and brighter days ahead. Let your stress flow gently away.

There will be death and decay, but it is a part of the balance of nature. Love those around you with all of your might.

These Runes were pulled to get a glimpse of the upcoming few weeks. Our obstacle is Kenaz, which shows our forward outlook has been restricted. Uruz teaches us to stand strong during these trying times. Raidho shows that this difficult time may be a longer ride than we wish it to be. Ingwaz shows that those lost will regenerate in new forms as their journey continues.

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