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Our Family -  3 Generations of Magick

Fantasia Crystals History


Dave and Diane moved from New Jersey to Arizona in 1977 and sometime shortly after created 'Maerz Enterprises’ and ‘Doré’ Natural Jewelry’. They focused on creating beautiful gold electroformed jewelry featuring Arizona minerals. They attended many craft and gem fairs around the state, sold to the Smithsonian Institute to supply their gift shop, and shipped mail-order all over the world.


In the late 80's Dave and Diane ran a crystal shop out of their home, attended many craft and new age markets and then opened a store in a spare room at a church. In the fall of 1990 they opened ‘Fantasia… The Crystal Source’ on McDowell road. After a year they moved to the store’s current location on 7th street and changed the name to ‘Fantasia… A Magical Place’. They offered a variety of crystals, metaphysical and occult goods, books, jewelry and also held many free classes each week. Amy, Dave and Diane’s daughter, spent much of her childhood at these gem fairs and worked at Fantasia for 4 years as a young adult. Dave passed away in 1997 due to complications from a heart attack. It was a difficult time for everyone. Due to stress at her hospital job, and to help her mother, Amy decided to go back to work at Fantasia in 1999.


In 1999, Mike, Amy's husband, started an online music shop, which expanded to include a weekend only retail store in Glendale, called 'Majestic Darkness’, with a focus on music, clothing and occult items. After a year, the shop name was changed to ‘The Northern Winds’ and Mike moved the store into an extra room within Fantasia. Fantasia and The Northern Winds operated as two separate stores within one location, which had many benefits. The Northern Winds offered all of the items that Fantasia didn't carry, with a focus on Pagan and Heathen traditions, and held many classes and meet-ups as well. Things went incredibly well for The Northern Winds, relying heavily on Fantasia's customer base, but also offering some new clientele to Fantasia. Overall it was of mutual benefit to have the two separate stores in one location.


In 2014, after nine years operating as two distinct stores, Diane officially retired and Amy and Mike purchased Fantasia from her. They legally merged Fantasia...A Magickal Place and The Northern Winds in May 2014 and renamed the store 'Fantasia Crystals’. The inventory of the two stores was quickly combined and the old Northern Winds room was transformed into the classroom then later became the amazing tarot and oracle room we have today. Fantasia Crystals focused on dramatically increasing the inventory and worked very hard to represent, and offer merchandise for, as many different spiritual paths as they could. Amy and Mike decided to extend the store hours, bring in more staff, and to take different roles within the business. It was an exciting and busy transition!


In May of 2021 fantasia Crystals had a mini expansion- a beautiful new classroom and production site on 32nd street and Shea. This allowed us to open the old classroom to more inventory, and alleviated some parking issues for class. This new space has quickly become a customer favorite as we have the largest selection of Tarot and Oracle decks in the state.

Sadly, Diane passed at 82 years old in her family's arms in June of 2022. Her legacy, kindness and compassion continue to be spread at Fantasia Crystals in all that we do. She will be dearly missed by the community.


In July of 2023 we will be moving to a larger and better location and look forward to some amazing forward momentum!


Erik, Mike and Amy’s son, is now the third generation, learning to make magickal products from his mom, dad and grandmother. His input offers a fresh approach and connects with younger generations. Fantasia Crystals continues to add to the shop’s inventory, to search for the lowest prices, to uphold important values, to be of service to the community, and continue to offer a wide variety of merchandise, classes, readings and more for the diverse spiritual community in the Phoenix Area. Fantasia Crystals is blessed to have such amazing family, staff and clients and plans on continuing what has been set forth by Dave and Diane in their home nearly 40 years ago. Thank you to everyone who has supported Fantasia over the years!


Our Philosophy:

Fantasia Crystals believes positive spirituality comes in an abundance of amazing and diverse paths, and we appreciate and support each of them. There is no better path than another, nor is there a right or a wrong one, only what may be right for for each person. Lending strength and support to them all is in everyone's best interest. We cannot allow irrational fear of what we don't understand to impede our judgment of others. Each of us are on a fantastic journey; a reflection of our heart and our will to better ourselves, our families, our communities and the world at large. The divine is in each of us -in our own unique way- when we let love and compassion drive our every word, our every deed, our every step and our every breath.Energy Workers, Healers, Metaphysicians, Spell Casters, Shamans, Wiccans, Pagans, New Agers, Heathens, Light Workers, Wizards, Earth Children, Druids, Ceremonial Magicians, Spiritual Non-Theists, Folk Practitioners and all those we missed- find joy and confidence in all that you do, without thinking less of others- We are all in this together! 

How we help: 

Since our beginning over 30 years ago, Fantasia Crystals has worked hard to provide a safe place for everyone to shop and explore their spiritualities. The business and business owners have supported countless local fundraisers and charities in the form of services, physical goods, and monetary donations over the years. Many of these fundraisers involved raising awareness for social justice and human rights, protecting the earth, and bringing attention to local spiritual groups and events.  Some of the organizations we have worked with are Shoebox Ministry, Phoenix Pagan Pride Day, Natural Restorations, Phoenix Herpetological Society Sanctuary, Dirty Paws Gang Dog Rescue, Liberty Wildlife, Joy Bus Diner, Human Rights Watch, numerous food organizations, The Pioneer Cemetary Association, Luv of Dogs Fund, Cycling for Kids with Cancer, one·n·ten (local LGBTQ+ organization), The Amphibian Foundation, Humanistic Paganism, Valley of the Sun Pagan Projects, The Amphibian Survival Alliance, Arizona Burn Camp (Camp Courage), Shoebox Ministries and more. We are also contributors to Black Family and Child Services Inc., as well as the Human Rights Watch.  As a business we have provided support both to help stores from closing and to bolster newly established groups and organizations, helped to provide funds for hospital bills and funeral expenses for local spiritual community members, and worked hard to spread the word of inclusivity and equal rights, with an end goal of building a kinder, more compassionate world for future generations. Thank you and Brightest Blessings.

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