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What our community is saying about us

(These come from our customer surveys)

-The vibe of the whole store is unmatched I love coming in!

-As usual everyone was helpful and friendly!! The staff was amazing with my 8 year old daughter as she shopped for supplies to make a potion. They were patient with her excitement and questions and it was an incredible experience!!

-Love the shop, the Magick candles and the variety of card decks are my favorite. Everyone is always so nice and knowledgeable

-Fantasia has such an amazing selection of tarot cards and book. I always come in just to wander around the amazing comforting energy, and always leave with something that I didn’t know I needed.

-The music this older lady was playing over the stores speaker was on the heavy metal side that didn't feel calm or relaxing. But instead gave me anxiety

-I started coming to fantasia a little over a year ago and all of the employees have been extremely kind and helpful to me and Codey quickly became a good friend of mine! I love coming to fantasia and seeing my friend makes my shopping trips so much more fun

-Great store, exceptional service!

-I love this place! You all are so knowledgeable!!

-everyone was so nice and the vibes are so calm and everyone is very helpful

-Everything was so easy to find and I will be coming back!

-Fantasia is an amazing store! Great people that work there and it always have what I'm looking for. One of my favorite store to go to.

-Wonderful place! Nothing to improve.

-Keeping kind hearted and welcoming as you were because I felt very welcome and good energy when I walked in

-I love this crystal store, you guys really have great prices and great selections

-You all are always super helpful. Thank you

-Friendly and good conversations/vibes

-This place really has everything you need and the employees are always very friendly! My favorite crystal store by far.

-Don't change anything! It is a treat anytime I get to go in to fantasia Crystals! I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

-I like the variety and that they make their own things.

-Love it here!

-I love the calmness of the store, always looks organized and clean. Thank you.

-This has to be one of my favorite crystal shops :)

-I love your candles and deck selection

-Wonderful experience! I will be back!

-Everyone is always so helpful and friendly

-I really like this store I like the diverse amount of stuff and I like that the employees are able to help if you have any questions

-This is may favorite store. Best prices always nice people

-I always have a great experience here. Everyone is always kind, knowledgeable, and helpful

-Very helpful. Answered all my questions and pointed me to the right decks I needed.

-I really liked the store, I don’t have anything to criticize.

-Everyone is so sweet every time I visit. I feel comfortable enough to ask questions and get employees’ opinions.

-I appreciate the one-stop shopping for spiritual healing. Great variety of everything in which I am interested.

-Love everyone as if they’re family and I adore the items offered

-I can’t wait to come back. Thank you so much :)

-Thanks for being safe space and offering options for books and candles

-Have loved your store forever and it just gets better with time.

-There was a great selection of items & I left satisfied with my purchase!

-We love everything about this store, and there was quite a bit of new stuff since the last time we were there so that was great as well!

-Really peaceful place. Affordable prices. Great inventory

-I think the young associates needs to be more helpful and nice. But overall I LOVE YOU GUYS STORE!!! Been  a customer for over 4 years.

-Keep doing what y’all are doing!! I felt so much better after seeing you guys today!!

-The shop was amazing and the energy was very relaxing

-I have come to Fantasia for soooo many years and tell soooo many people about you. They ask about my jewelry etc and I tell them to go see you. My fav crystal shop. Actually my only one I keep going to again and again!

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Fantasia Crystals is family owned and has served the Phoenix area since the late 80's, with Gemstone Jewelry Creation starting in the 70's. We cater to a beautiful spectrum of spiritual and religious paths and try to have something for everyone.


Come in and browse our unique and exciting inventory- we offer a large selection of tumbled stones, crystal specimens, chakra items, unique gifts, sterling silver, pewter and crystal jewelry, herbs, statues, essential, magical and perfume oils, tarot and oracle cards, runes, candles, singing bowls, bells, altar items, new & used books, local art, incense, angels, fairies, dragons and more.


We create our own magickal intention oils, room & body mists, old-world incense, thieves oil, pendulums, bath products and more.

A Psychic or Intuitive Reader is generally available in the store multiple days a week.


Our employees are very knowledgeable and helpful with many years of experience in various spiritual, religious and cultural paths.

Read more about us here

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