Our new classroom is conveniently located right off the AZ51 near Shea and 32nd street (address given when you make a reservation) Plenty of parking!
Please read before making a reservation

*You agree to*
1. Read all details and emails you receive 
2. Email us at Fantasia.northern@gmail.com if you cannot attend. (Failure to do so prevents others from attending and will cause pre-payment for future classes)
3. Most classes are for those 13 and older with parent in attenance. (Some are adult only. If you child is under 13 and you would like them to attend, please email us at fantasia.northern@gmail.com before making a reservation)
4. If you are not fully vaccinated a mask is required to be worn the entire class 
5. No animals inside other than legal, vested service dogs.
6. Classes are NOT held at Fantasia Crystals.
7. Some classes are cash only, read all details please.
8. Be there and paid up at least ten minutes prior to class start time.
9. No entry 10 minutes after class has begun.
Thank you and hope to see you soon!


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