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Herb Magick

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Herb Profiles: Adam and Eve Root- each partner carries one to stay connected and to keep faithful or carry both to attract a lover Agrimony- Banishing of unnatural fear, and reversing magick from others Alfalfa- Prosperity for the home, protection of animals Alkanet-Transmutes negative energy to positive Allspice- Money draw, gambling luck Amber resin- Matters of love, marriage, love, happiness Angelica- Protection from angels, exorcism, barrier of protection Anise (Star)- Channeling, psychic work, divination Arnica- Increases psychic abilities and intuition, healing, love Balm of Gilead- Manifesting, prayer work, ritual energy Basil- Protection, prosperity, forward momentum Bat's Head Root- Wish magick, general change of luck Bayberry- Money, finance, abundance Bay Leaf- Wishes, luck, good fortune, dreams Benzoin- Brings in positive and gentle energy, sharpens mind, cleansing Black Cohosh- Longevitiyy, love, personal power Blessed Thistle- Countering magick sent from others, purification Bloodroot- Breaks any unwanted cords, ties or connections Boneset- Wards of ill-natured entities , spiritual protection of home Brimstone (sulfur)- Destroys hexes and curses, wards off unwanted energy (do not burn!!!) Calendula- Psychic or divinatory work, dreams, healing, legal matters Camphor- Opening portals, inviting good spirits, banishing bad spirits Cannabis- Visions, dreams, astral travel/projection, healing Caraway- Memory, love, dream recall Cardamom- Fidelity, love, beauty Catnip- Joy, dreams, offering for feline deities Cat's Claw- Shamanic work, visions, trance, meditation Cedar- Cleansing, confidence, attracting wealth Chamomile- Seeing the unseen, visions, peace, divinatory work Chaparral- Protection, banishing, ancestors Chia- Helps halt gossip and back stabbing Chicory- Road opener, helps create positive outlook Chili Pepper- Banishing, protection, movement, operation Cinnamon- Success, lust Cinquefoil- Amazing all purpose herb! Clove- Protection, gossip stopper Clover- Luck, prosperity, manifesting Coffee- Dispels nightmares when placed under bed Colstfoot- Tranquility, love, cash flow Comfrey- Safe travel, stability, home, business and real estate matters Copal- Purification, ancestors, healing Cornflowers- Divination, scrying, trance, new ideas, dispel strife Cypress- Matters of death, dying endings and new beginnings, grief Damiana- Love, lust, aphrodisiac Dandelion- Wishes, luck, invocation of spirits Deer's Tongue- Helps with clear communication within a group Devil's Claw- Trapping ill intent- (evil, curses, hexes) Devil's Shoestring- Tripping evil or unwanted energy, protection, seeking employment Dill- Luck, prosperity, abundance, matters of jealousy Dragon's Blood- Fierce cleansing, banishing of unwanted spirits, movement Echinacea- Healing, potency for spells Elder- Protection, visions, healing, intuition, flowers for blessing a new home Elacampane- Banishing malicious spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, etc Eucalyptus- Inviting beneficial spirits, opening portals, healing Fennel- Meditation, self-love and acceptance Feverfew- Mental healing, spirit communication Frankincense- Purification, honoring solar deities, consecration Galangal (low john, little john)- Legal and court matters, wrap around money for money draw Garlic- Banishing, protection Ginger- Promotes new journeys in life, excitement, and success Ginko- Fertility, potent masculine energy, creativity Goat Head Thorns- Potent protection, banish, cursing Goldenseal- Healing, business maters Gravel Root- Matters of employment, career changes, strength for obstacles Gum Mastic- Protection, working with the dead Hawthorn- Fertitliy, fishing magick, to bless handfastings and marriages, chastity, fairy work Heather- Weather magick, protection Helichrysum- Intuition, opens heart center, love, romance Hibiscus- Love, divination High John- Amazing all purpose- love, luck, money, confidence, etc Holy Basil (Tulsi)- Balancing mind, body and soul, consecration Hops- Dreams, visions, feminine energy Hyssop- Potent cleanser, attracts positive energies and protects the home and family Irish Moss- Use in home to bring in money, carry for luck, gambling Jasmine- Love, lust, divine feminine energy Jezebel Root- Bringing in clients, attracting business Job's Tears- Employment matters, carry seven seeds for seven days to increase luck Juniper- Purification, home protection Kava- Peace, communication, aphrodisiac, astral work Lavender- Tranquility, peace, purification Lemon- Lunar work, cleansing Lemon Balm- Dreams, peace, attracting a mate Lemon Verbena- Attraction, glamour magick, purification Lemongrass- Banishing of entity attachments and unwanted programming Licorice- Soul mate attraction, love, Lime- New growth, inner strength Linden- Releasing unwanted energy and attachments, peace, tranquility Mandrake- Protection, fertility, spell strengthener Marjoram- Grief, melancholy, bringing in joy Marshmallow- Offering for handfastings and marriages, love, fertility Mesquite- Strengthening connection of family members, , lessens judgment Mistletoe- Protection from baneful magick, creativity, fertility Motherwort- Grounding, nurturing, healing Mugwort- Visions, opening portals, cleansing negativity, dreams Mullein- Offering at crossroads, nightmare preventative Mushroom- Healing, trance, visions, dreams Mustard- Courage, protection for change, stamina Myrrh- Offering for lunar work & water deities, enhancing spiritual connection Myrtle- Fertility, love, youthful energy Neem- Removal of spiritual pets and parasitic energies Nettle- Creating fierce protective boundaries, protection, binding magick Nutmeg- Helps with irrational fear, divination, psychic work, calms anger Oak- Strength, success, potency Onion- Banishing, working through addiction Orange- Prosperity, abundance, success Oregano- Justice, court cases, healing Orris- Shadow Work, offering during dark of the moon or death deities Osha- healing, strengthens auric field, blocks negative energy Parsley- Working with the dead (ancestors, necromancy, etc) Passionflower- Love, lust, new growth, house blessing Patchouli- Prosperity, love, lust, aphrodisiac Pennyroyal- Cleansing, harmony Peppercorn- Protection, grounding, banishing Peppermint, Prosperity, bringing in good spirits, raising energy Pine- Protection, prosperity Plantain- Increases compassion, relationship harmony Poppy- Happiness, pleasure, any out of body work Raspberry- Beauty, love, sleep Rose- Connection to divine, ancestors, love, romance, longevity Rosemary- Purification, movement Rue- Curse and hex breaker, counter to the evil eye Saffron- Divine communication, offering to help the sick pass quickly Sage- Cleansing, prayer and intention work Sarsaparilla- Health, spiritual well-being, garden magick Sassafras- Wealth, success, good fortune Skullcap- Air for strengthening the mind, spiritual healing Slippery Elm- Clear communication, gossip stopper, healing Solomon's Seal- Strengthening any ritual, calling in angels or demons Spearmint- Sweetening up a tense situation, joy Spikenard- Connection to spiritual sources, St. John's Wort- Prophecy, romance, protection from baneful magick Strawberry- Fortune, fun, joy Tea- Courage, long term success Thyme- Potent cleanser, banishing of parasitic energies and entities Tonka Bean- Wishes Tumeric- Helps face challenges and hardships Usnea- Often called Old Man's Beard, use to charge amulets, talismans and other magickal tools Uva Ursi- Channeling, gaining insight from spiritual beings Valerian- Attracting a familiar, cat magick, protection from spiritual 'pests' Vanilla- Love, peace, romance, aphrodisiac Vervain- Potency for other herbs and crystals Willow- Use for lunar working and lunar deities Witch Hazel- Use to charge pendulum or dowsing rods, helps find anything hidden Woodruff- Softening of tense situations, helps bring in gratitude Wormwood- Ancestors, shadow work, trance, astral work, spirit communication Yarrow- Courage, strength Yellow Dock- For any type of business matters, carry in a bag with a coin for prosperity Yerba Santa- Psychic work, creating boundaries Yohimbe- Love, lust, aphrodisiac, masculine energy Yucca- Spiritual transformation, connecting to ancestral roots, spiritual protection of home

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