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Herb Magick

Updated: Jul 1

We are currently working on this page and will add more often :) We sell some magickal herbs online and have a huge selection at our main store. There are many amazing ways to work with herbs, but always remember not all herbs are safe to burn or ingest. Some methods that may be useful are: scattering, adding to incenses, mojo bags, burning, consuming, hanging in home, care, office, etc, on your altar as an offering, sacred bathes and showers, on ritual ground, around magick candles, charging amulets, talismans and other magickal tools, for creating protective boundaries and so much more. Find a way that is creative and meaningful to you!

Herb Profiles: Adam and Eve Root- each partner carries one to stay connected and to keep faithful or carry both to attract a lover Agrimony- Banishing of unnatural fear, and reversing magick from others Alfalfa- Prosperity for the home, protection of animals Alkanet-Transmutes negative energy to positive Allspice- Money draw, gambling luck Amber resin- Matters of love, marriage, love, happiness Angelica- Protection from angels, exorcism, barrier of protection Anise (Star)- Channeling, psychic work, divination Arnica- Increases psychic abilities and intuition, healing, love Balm of Gilead- Manifesting, prayer work, ritual energy Basil- Protection, prosperity, forward momentum Bat's Head Root- Wish magick, general change of luck Bayberry- Money, finance, abundance Bay Leaf- Wishes, luck, good fortune, dreams Benzoin- Brings in positive and gentle energy, sharpens mind, cleansing Black Cohosh- Longevitiyy, love, personal power Blessed Thistle- Countering magick sent from others, purification Bloodroot- Breaks any unwanted cords, ties or connections Boneset- Wards of ill-natured entities , spiritual protection of home Brimstone (sulfur)- Destroys hexes and curses, wards off unwanted energy (do not burn!!!) Calendula- Psychic or divinatory work, dreams, healing, legal matters Camphor- Opening portals, inviting good spirits, banishing bad spirits Cannabis- Visions, dreams, astral travel/projection, healing Caraway- Memory, love, dream recall Cardamom- Fidelity, love, beauty Catnip- Joy, dreams, offering for feline deities Cat's Claw- Shamanic work, visions, trance, meditation Cedar- Cleansing, confidence, attracting wealth Chamomile- Seeing the unseen, visions, peace, divinatory work Chaparral- Protection, banishing, ancestors Chia- Helps halt gossip and back stabbing Chicory- Road opener, helps create positive outlook Chili Pepper- Banishing, protection, movement, operation Cinnamon- Success, lust Cinquefoil- Amazing all purpose herb! Clove- Protection, gossip stopper Clover- Luck, prosperity, manifesting Coffee- Dispels nightmares when placed under bed Colstfoot- Tranquility, love, cash flow Comfrey- Safe travel, stability, home, business and real estate matters Copal- Purification, ancestors, healing Cornflowers- Divination, scrying, trance, new ideas, dispel strife Cypress- Matters of death, dying endings and new beginnings, grief Damiana- Love, lust, aphrodisiac Dandelion- Wishes, luck, invocation of spirits Deer's Tongue- Helps with clear communication within a group Devil's Claw- Trapping ill intent- (evil, curses, hexes) Devil's Shoestring- Tripping evil or unwanted energy, protection, seeking employment Dill- Luck, prosperity, abundance, matters of jealousy Dragon's Blood- Fierce cleansing, banishing of unwanted spirits, movement Echinacea- Healing, potency for spells Elder- Protection, visions, healing, intuition, flowers for blessing a new home Elacampane- Banishing malicious spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, etc Eucalyptus- Inviting beneficial spirits, opening portals, healing Fennel- Meditation, self-love and acceptance Feverfew- Mental healing, spirit communication Frankincense- Purification, honoring solar deities, consecration Galangal (low john, little john)- Legal and court matters, wrap around money for money draw Garlic- Banishing, protection Ginger- Promotes new journeys in life, excitement, and success Ginko- Fertility, potent masculine energy, creativity Goat Head Thorns- Potent protection, banish, cursing Goldenseal- Healing, business maters Gravel Root- Matters of employment, career changes, strength for obstacles Gum Mastic- Protection, working with the dead Hawthorn- Fertitliy, fishing magick, to bless handfastings and marriages, chastity, fairy work Heather- Weather magick, protection Helichrysum- Intuition, opens heart center, love, romance Hibiscus- Love, divination High John- Amazing all purpose- love, luck, money, confidence, etc Holy Basil (Tulsi)- Balancing mind, body and soul, consecration Hops- Dreams, visions, feminine energy Hyssop- Potent cleanser, attracts positive energies and protects the home and family Irish Moss- Use in home to bring in money, carry for luck, gambling Jasmine- Love, lust, divine feminine energy Jezebel Root- Bringing in clients, attracting business Job's Tears- Employment matters, carry seven seeds for seven days to increase luck Juniper- Purification, home protection Kava- Peace, communication, aphrodisiac, astral work Lavender- Tranquility, peace, purification Lemon- Lunar work, cleansing Lemon Balm- Dreams, peace, attracting a mate Lemon Verbena- Attraction, glamour magick, purification Lemongrass- Banishing of entity attachments and unwanted programming Licorice- Soul mate attraction, love, Lime- New growth, inner strength Linden- Releasing unwanted energy and attachments, peace, tranquility Mandrake- Protection, fertility, spell strengthener Marjoram- Grief, melancholy, bringing in joy Marshmallow- Offering for handfastings and marriages, love, fertility Mesquite- Strengthening connection of family members, , lessens judgment Mistletoe- Protection from baneful magick, creativity, fertility Motherwort- Grounding, nurturing, healing Mugwort- Visions, opening portals, cleansing negativity, dreams Mullein- Offering at crossroads, nightmare preventative Mushroom- Healing, trance, visions, dreams Mustard- Courage, protection for change, stamina Myrrh- Offering for lunar work & water deities, enhancing spiritual connection Myrtle- Fertility, love, youthful energy Neem- Removal of spiritual pets and parasitic energies Nettle- Creating fierce protective boundaries, protection, binding magick Nutmeg- Helps with irrational fear, divination, psychic work, calms anger Oak- Strength, success, potency Onion- Banishing, working through addiction Orange- Prosperity, abundance, success Oregano- Justice, court cases, healing Orris- Shadow Work, offering during dark of the moon or death deities Osha- healing, strengthens auric field, blocks negative energy Parsley- Working with the dead (ancestors, necromancy, etc) Passionflower- Love, lust, new growth, house blessing Patchouli- Prosperity, love, lust, aphrodisiac Pennyroyal- Cleansing, harmony Peppercorn- Protection, grounding, banishing Peppermint, Prosperity, bringing in good spirits, raising energy Pine- Protection, prosperity Plantain- Increases compassion, relationship harmony Poppy- Happiness, pleasure, any out of body work Raspberry- Beauty, love, sleep Rose- Connection to divine, ancestors, love, romance, longevity Rosemary- Purification, movement Rue- Curse and hex breaker, counter to the evil eye Saffron- Divine communication, offering to help the sick pass quickly Sage- Cleansing, prayer and intention work Sarsaparilla- Health, spiritual well-being, garden magick Sassafras- Wealth, success, good fortune Skullcap- Air for strengthening the mind, spiritual healing Slippery Elm- Clear communication, gossip stopper, healing Solomon's Seal- Strengthening any ritual, calling in angels or demons Spearmint- Sweetening up a tense situation, joy Spikenard- Connection to spiritual sources, St. John's Wort- Prophecy, romance, protection from baneful magick Strawberry- Fortune, fun, joy Tea- Courage, long term success Thyme- Potent cleanser, banishing of parasitic energies and entities Tonka Bean- Wishes Tumeric- Helps face challenges and hardships Usnea- Often called Old Man's Beard, use to charge amulets, talismans and other magickal tools Uva Ursi- Channeling, gaining insight from spiritual beings Valerian- Attracting a familiar, cat magick, protection from spiritual 'pests' Vanilla- Love, peace, romance, aphrodisiac Vervain- Potency for other herbs and crystals Willow- Use for lunar working and lunar deities Witch Hazel- Use to charge pendulum or dowsing rods, helps find anything hidden Woodruff- Softening of tense situations, helps bring in gratitude Wormwood- Ancestors, shadow work, trance, astral work, spirit communication Yarrow- Courage, strength Yellow Dock- For any type of business matters, carry in a bag with a coin for prosperity Yerba Santa- Psychic work, creating boundaries Yohimbe- Love, lust, aphrodisiac, masculine energy Yucca- Spiritual transformation, connecting to ancestral roots, spiritual protection of home

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