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Samhain Ancestor Incense Recipe

Updated: Jul 1

Connect with your ancestors with this easy incense recipe

Author: Michael Erwin

Samhain Ancestor Incense

2 parts Myrrh Resin

1 part Cedar Leaf

1/2 part Oak Bark

1/4 part Ground Cinnamon

1/4 part Ground Clove

1/4 part Wormwood Leaf

1/4 part Patchouli Leaf

2 drops Vetiver Essential Oil

2 drops Patchouli Essential Oil

Granular (or ‘old world’) Incense is the oldest and purest way to burn natural resins, herbs and oils. Unlike some types of Incense sticks & cones, there are should be no unsafe binding agents or chemicals. This will create an all-natural and better aroma experience. Using tongs, take one charcoal piece & hold over a flame until it begins to spark. (be sure & wrap any remaining charcoal in tightly in foil). Place hot coal in a heat safe bowl or censor full of sand or salt, wait a few minutes for it to get hot and put a pinch of incense on top. Remember that the coal can remain hot for around an hour and you can add more incense as needed. Use with caution around children and pets.

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