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Magick IS w/ Regina

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Winning the lottery, attracting true love, cursing an enemy- these are but a few desires that people will try to achieve through the practice of magick. Read or listen to discussions about magick and you will encounter claims that magick imparts the ability to heal, and will deliver to the practitioner: success, fame, control of reality, knowledge of hidden truth, soul evolution and more! Magick is often thought to be an external force- beyond understanding- that can GIVE YOU POWER. This is at best a muddied and confused idea of what magick is, and at worst is a fantasy used to disconnect one from their true power. So lets peel the lid back on what magick is...

Magick is the drive to perpetually learn MORE. It is so easy to live our lives in a haze of assumptions, and beliefs that we do not question. Many of us are burdened by the weight of beliefs like: there is one right way to think/be/live, what I think is THE truth, what I've been taught on this subject is “right”, etc. The art of magick requires us to challenge existing beliefs, to ardently seek NEW information, and be changed by the learning. As practitioners of magick, we spend our lives seeking knowledge, learning about the stars, the cultures of our ancestors, how to divine from the mystery, use the power of plants and stones- and all of this information is wasted if we don't allow it to change us. The practice of magick grows our capacity to learn, do, and be MORE.

Magick is taking ownershipof your contribution to reality. Contradicting ideas can be true at the same time, and just as it is true that we create reality, it is also true that we do not control anything but our own choices. We can not control other people; not our children, our lovers, our co-workers or friends. We don't control how much money we make, how politicians run things, or what family we were born into. We can't even control our own bodies, if we could no one would be sick, there would be no burps or farts, and I would be nine inches taller. Though we control very little, we AFFECT quite a lot. I DON'T control other people, I DO control my own actions and choices, which affects everyone else's actions and choices. Though I don't control how much money I am paid, I do control the choices I make around education, employment and behavior that can increase or decrease opportunities to make money. Though I don't control what politicians do, I do control which politicians I support with my activism, money and vote. And though I don't control the family I am born into, (once I am grown) I do get to choose how I interact with them. We are powerful beings. We create and destroy reality with our thoughts, choices, and actions, affecting reality every moment of everyday. And owning that power means consciously choosing how great, and what kind of affect we are going to have on the world.

Magick is making the choice to intentionally take action, or no action. Phrases like “work magick”, “cast a spell”, “conjure spirit”, these are all descriptions of actions and activities. For practitioners, our power lies in making educated, intentional decisions about when and how to act or not act. Taking no action is as powerful as acting. If you are to truly own your own power it is necessary to recognize that you are affecting and creating reality at all times. To truly use magick is to live life as consciously and intentionally as possible. Chants and invocations are magickal, and all of our words have power. Consecrated space and energetic circles are magickal, and everywhere is sacred. Using trance and focused mental states is magick, and all of our thoughts- every single one of them- is powerful.

So magick is what happens when I as an individual open myself to the ongoing process of learning, gathering new info, reconciling it with the old, and allowing the process to change me. Magick happens when I recognize and own the impact of my every word, action, and in-action. Magick is what happens when I gaze with curiosity into the world, seeing past the obvious, into the subtle, and make choices using the full power of my ever evolving soul.

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1 Comment

Andrea Sanchez
Andrea Sanchez
Jan 31, 2021

This is such a beautiful description. I am so grateful for the magick & power we all possess & share.

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