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Knot Magick - Severing Ties

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Cut off anything that no longer serves you

Knot Magick

-Severing ties, cords and connections-

Use this powerful magickal act to cut off and remove anything that no longer serves you: hexes or curses, evil-eye, malicious spirits, old programming, bad habits, people or anything else you wish to free yourself from.

Items needed:

A black or red piece of cord, string or ribbon, Fantasia Cord Cutting Candle set (or a single black or red candle), Hex Breaker oil, paper, pencil, matches and a safe place to burn, bury or dispose of the remnants.

Best time performed (pick one or multiple):

Saturday/Waning Moon/9pm to Midnight

Rub some of the Hex Breaker oil on the entire length of your cord. Begin by thinking about the first time you felt this energy or attachment bringing you harm and create your first knot towards one end of the string. Continue thinking about as many aspects of the situation you would like to cut off and continue making as many knots as needed. When you are done knotting find a regular piece of paper or parchment and write or draw anything that helps get your emotions out. It could be insane scribbling or a beautiful poem- this is not about perfection, it’s about raw emotion and getting it out of you- and onto the paper.

When your paper is complete, begin cutting through the knots carefully with scissors, beginning with the last knot tied while saying “I sever all ties, cords and connections with (add what you wish to be free of)”. Continue cutting the knots over your paper. Hold candle set in your hand, close your eyes and visualize yourself being free from whatever is causing you harm. See yourself surrounded by brilliant light protecting you. Call upon your spirit guides to help if you wish. Light your candle, wrap any remaining pieces of cord in your paper, crumple it up lightly and light it on fire, bury in the earth or toss in a dumpster. Feel free to take a bath with a few drops of your Hex Breaker oil while your candle(s) burns down, or anoint yourself with a few drops on the wrists. Enjoy your newfound freedom!

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