Full Moon Incense Recipe

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Author: Michael Erwin

Full Moon Incense

1 part Myrrh Resin: healing and spirituality

1 part Sandalwood Powder: healing, spirituality, purification, meditation

1/2 part Rose Petals: love, peace, joy, an excellent offering for spiritual beings

1/2 part Lemon Balm Herb: helps balance emotions, trust, helps to release old thought patterns, fears and stress

1/4 part Mugwort Herb: calming, induces trance, aids in psychic work, dreams, astral travel, communicating with otherworldly beings

6 drops Lemon Essential Oil: purification, magical processes, emotional support

Mix well with a mortar & pestle, burn on hot coal in heat safe container away from children and pets.

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