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Eggshell Magick

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Eggs and eggshells have been used for spiritual use all over the world. Whole eggs are often used for fertility magick or for ‘hatching’ new opportunities, while eggshell is fairly specific to protection and banishing magick.

Many practitioners use powdered eggshells to create a protective boundary around a person, object or place, or to remove unwanted energies or attachments. This can be done by scattering the dry, crushed eggshells, or in some traditions it would be carried in a magick bag or pouch, but there are many other amazing uses for eggshell:

Grind herbs into your eggshell to create or add a protective energy to magickal powders:

1. Rue (banishing)

2. Cinnamon (success)

3. Rose Petal (love)

4. Goat Head Thorns or Nettle (fiery protection)

5. Dill Seeds- (prosperity)

6. Mugwort (visionary work)

7. Chamomile Flowers (divination work)

8. Damiana (sex magick)

9. Jasmine Flowers (lunar work)

10. Clove and Slippery Elm (gossip stopper)

You can make your own easily by crushing clean, dry eggshells into powder with a mortar and pestle.

These powders can be used in numerous ways: in magick bags, as a sprinkling powder, to lightly coat freshly oiled magick candles, added to incenses or oils, mixed with honey, in a magical bath, as a floor sweep or addition to mop water, It can be added to water to draw magick symbols with your finger on windows or outside homes (to prevent malicious spirits from entering).

There is some confusion found regarding the word Cascarilla. The word cascarilla means “husk” or “covering” and often refers to common eggshell. In some cases it refers to a specific type of Caribbean plant, Croton eluteria, that is used in some specific types of folk practices. In other traditions it refers to eggshell specific to eggs from a black hen. Make sure you have the right ingredient for your working.

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