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Crystals For Prosperity, Abundance & Luck

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Crystals for Prosperity with Fantasia Crystals

These three crystals are referred to as the 'Power Three' when used together:

Carnelian (Fire, Earth) great for self-confidence in job interviews

Citrine (Fire) great for helping to bring prosperity into a home or business

Jade (Water) helps to change your luck

Others for specific purpose:

Blue Lace Agate (Air) great for going the ability to gain magnetic and convincing speech

Hematite (Earth) great for grounding out excess energy prior to job interview. In Babylon it was said that to wear an amulet of Hematite would help with favorable petitions to kings and useful for a fortunate outcome in court cases

Aventurine (Water) money draw, gambling

Ruby (Fire) encourages one to follow their dreams, useful for making difficult financial decisions

Clear Quartz (All elements) great for programming with any intention

Amber (Earth) helps make wise decisions and may help remove self-created blocks regarding finances

Bloodstone (Earth) can aid in dealing with drama of financial crisis, and were used for to enhance material goods to the wearer

Jet (Earth) protection of one’s finances

Loadstone (Fire) one of only two naturally magnetic stones, use for attraction magick

Malachite (Earth,Water) helps manifest abundance from the heart

Moss Agate (Earth) great for ‘new growth’ workings, looking for new opportunities

Tiger’s Eye (Fire, Earth) supportive stone for going through changes in life

Topaz (Fire) great for success in all areas

Moldavite (Earth, Fire) excellent choice when you need a massive, healthy shift in life

Garnet (Earth, Fire) personal power. A 13th century manuscript says that to carry a Garnet with a bat symbol on it would help a magician with his incantations

Fire Agate (Earth, Fire) dispelling fear regarding finances

Smoky Quartz (Air, Earth) clarity of mind for decision making

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