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Cleansing & Charging Crystals

You can easily cleanse and charge your crystals!

Cleansing and Programming Crystals with Fantasia Crystals

Cleansing your Crystals is an easy task that anyone can do. The most simple method is to hold it in your power hand (usually the right) and say this Mantra: "I cleanse, clear and remove any and all disharmonic or negative energies and transmute them to perfect and beneficial forms for the highest good of all." You can also cleanse them with the smoke from smoldering Sage (or other herbs), with a quick dip in salt water, or by leaving them near a piece of Selenite overnight. Remember that the method is not important and there is not right or wrong way to cleanse a Crystal. The important part is that you use your HEART and your INTENT. Find what works for you and with practice you will be cleansing your crystals with ease.

Programming a Crystal is easy as well. For starters, you can give an energetic elemental 'charge' to a Fire element Crystal by leaving it in the sunlight (be warned the sun will fade certain crystals, so only do this for a short time), to a Water element Crystal by leaving it in the moonlight, to an Earth Element Crystal by burying it in the earth and to an Air Element Crystal by exposing it to the wind. This is a powerful way to add natural energies to your crystals.

To program a Crystal with a specific intent or prayer we recommend this method: Hold the Crystal in your power hand (usually the right), close your eyes and clearly visualize the outcome of what you are looking to create- see it play out in your minds eye. (Some examples might be imagining yourself at a new job; smiling, surrounded by good people, earning a living that you are worth. Or paint a picture in your mind of being in a loving, compassionate relationship with someone, sharing joy and passion together. Maybe see yourself in a new car in good mechanical condition that you can afford the gas, the insurance and payments on, and so on) Focus on aspects that you really believe you can work towards achieving whenever possible.

Hold this picture in your mind and visually place this mental picture into your Crystal and keep it in your energy field until you receive the desired results. It can be beneficial to audibly speak your intent over the Crystal as well. When done, say something like "and so it is" or "so mote it be". When you achieve your desired results, cleanse your crystal and charge it for something new!

You can cleanse and reprogram a Crystal at any time. Clear Quartz is an amazing tool as it amplifies your intent and works great for beginners and experienced practitioners as well. Trust your instincts and find a method that works best for you. We hope this information is helpful to you on your spiritual journey. Feel free to call us if you have any additional questions at 602-265-4065.

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