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Black Moon Energy (2nd New Moon in a month)

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The dark of the moon, or ‘New Moon’, has always been an auspicious time for me. The energy pulls me inward into the darkest reaches of my psyche- a time to think about things from my past and help me to heal and grow from those experiences. Many magickal traditions do not recommend doing any magickal working or rituals at this time, instead urging one to focus on their physical and spiritual past lives, learning from past mistakes and making space for new experiences and spiritual growth.

That brings us to the Black Moon, which is a second New Moon in a month. The incredibly potent energy of the Black Moon is for quiet contemplation- searching the soul and accessing our shadow self through meditation, trance and other forms of journey work. What you will probably find is experiences that have been packed away REALLY deeply, past traumas and hurts your physical self may have purposely forgotten as you may not have been able to process them until this significant astrological time.

If you’re currently enduring a hardship or in a particularly troubled time, this may not be the Black Moon for you. It’s alright to wait until a better time in the future, maybe starting with an upcoming New Moon, which is far less intense energetically.

If you are ready for this difficult transition, create sacred space in a way meaningful to you, light some aromatic incense, close your eyes and begin the journey into the furthest reaches of yourself that you’ve ever been. Drumming or chanting may help you with this journey. Spend quality time during the Black Moon within this space, and within yourself, and bring some of the emotions and memories of the past back you wish to work through into your physical body.

Don’t be afraid to cry or yell after this deep cleansing session- let all of that emotion out with your voice, but also through art, music, writing or any other creative process that feels right. When you are ready, cleanse yourself and your space with some smoldering herbs or sprays, take a long bath or shower and feel all those harsh feelings of the past wash down the drain. Breathe deeply in through your nose, focus on your breath for some time and let out a long and audible exhale from your mouth. Do this two more times. This time, breathe gently and take in the new fresh air of the future you are choosing to create for yourself. Smile and be ready for some of the most restful sleep you’ve ever had.

This process can help to cleanse us in powerful and meaningful ways, helping to strengthen who we are here and now with less worry and stress from the past. Those less than savory past experiences are now your strengths! When we spend this time with ourselves to make this transition we will also help open up spiritual space for new experiences and endeavors- allowing our true potential to shine.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Of course this is just one interpretation of how to work with Black Moon energy and is not a substitute mental or physical healthcare. Always check with your mental healthcare provider if this method seems uncomfortable to you. You may have your own proven methods, or rely on another’s advice instead. That may work better for you than my way, and that’s alright. We are each unique and find ways of doing this type of spiritual work at times that are right for us.

Brightest Blessings

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