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Animal Messages

A good deal of my free time is spent in the outdoors camping, hiking and biking. In the past I have worked caring for exotic animals and continue to do so at home with my unusual pets. This passion for nature has led me to find an important connection to the wildlife all around us and I wanted to share this information for anyone who may be interested.

Arizona is abound with unique and diverse wildlife and we are often fortunate to spot while out and about. While many ignore them, others admire the aspects that make them unique to our desert home. Some folks take this a bit further, as all indigenous cultures have done for hundreds of thousands of years, and look to see the potential hidden messages in the animals they encounter. If this sounds fascinating to you, here’s a short breakdown of the some of the more common animals we may see in Arizona, and the hidden messages that may be waiting for us:

Bear- there is need for rest and regeneration, you are pushing yourself too hard.

Bobcat- for those lucky enough to spot one, be aware that something may be purposely hidden from you, patience will let the truth unfold.

Coyote- symbolizes a time to be in the present moment and not to forget to laugh. For some, a coyote that crosses the road in front of you is a message to turn around or pay close attention to avoid danger.

Elk- these majestic creatures symbolize an upcoming time of great personal power and prosperous creativity.

Gila Monster- stay close to home and conserve resources. Don’t make any big changes at this time.

Hawk- flying high in the sky, these messengers remind us to look at a troubling situation from a completely different perspective- think things out before acting too quickly.

Javelina- reminds us to be tenacious and not back down in an upcoming difficult situation.

Owl- this swift nocturnal hunter reminds us to trust our intuition and to prepare for change that’s right on the horizon.

Quail- these quirky little birds remind us of the importance of family- our home and loved ones need more attention at this time.

Rattlesnake- snakes represent a time of healing and transition- a chance to shed that what no longer serves you.

Raven- a time of deep introspection is needed, as well as a time to remember those close to us that have passed into the afterlife.

Roadrunner- a beautiful symbol of good luck and positive change headed our way.

Toad- success is right around the corner, keep working hard and get your plans in motion.

Vulture- there are things from your past that are hindering your forward momentum. Take time to work through some past issues in order to bring new opportunities into your life.

I hope you have found this of interest and I’m always happy to hear about your animal experiences.

  • Michael

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Would a mountain lion have a similar meaning to a bobcat…or is than an entirely different message? Just curious if you knew…

Replying to

Wow. That’s cool. A mountain lion stuck its head into Keaira’s tent when she was at camp. She was terrified at the time, but maybe this will make it worth it. Thanks for the feedback!

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