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Hair and Beard Oils are now available!


All items sold as a curio only. Always use common sense around children and pets.



Earth – For working concerning home, family, stability, employment, ground, decision making, animals, tangible items, prosperity and abundance.


Air – For astral workings, inspiration, psychic development, focus, intellect, memory, clarity, communication and personal expression.


Fire – For workings that require movement such as spiritual healing, motivation, courage, creativity, energy, force, destruction, passion, lust, transformation, action, desire and lust.


Water – For working of love, empathy, emotion, healing, fertility, magick, beauty, divination, compassion, grace and friendship.

Amber & Patchouli– An amazing combination! Use for working of love, passion, sensuality and more.


Hair & Beard Oil Ingredients:


Earth – Patchouli, Oakmoss & Cypress essential oils, Red Jasper gem elixir, in Jojoba oil.

Air – Lavender, Marjoram & Clary Sage essential oils, Yellow Sapphire gem elixir, in Jojoba oil.

Fire – Orange, Cinnamon leaf & Tulsi essential oils, Cedar leaf, Ruby gem elixir, in Jojoba oil.

Water – Ylang Ylang & Jasmine essential oils, Chamomile perfume oil, Aquamarine gem elixir, in Jojoba oil.

Amber & Patchouli - Dark Amber extract, Patchouli Eseential Oil in a base of Jojoba.


Use common sense around pets and children.

Magickal Hair and Beard Oils

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