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Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Courtesy of NASA
Information and Survival Tips

The word Retrograde originates from the Latin word retrogradus, meaning “backward step.” As the word implies, Retrograde is the term for when a planet appears to reverse its orbit, from the perspective of our planet. In scientific circles this phenomena is referred as an “apparent retrograde motion,” as it is in fact only an optical illusion. Mercury is, in fact, simply speeding past Earth during its short 88-day orbit around our star. Retrograde is most commonly an adjective used to describe the path of a planet as it travels through the night sky, with respect to the zodiac , stars, and other bodies of the celestial canopy. In this context, the term refers to planets, as they appear from Earth, to stop briefly and reverse direction at certain times though in reality, of course, we now understand that they perpetually orbit in the same uniform direction.

Within Astrology, Mercury (the planet that rules communication) going retrograde can be seen as a time of general misfortune- lack of communication, delayed travel, people from the past reappearing, emotional outbursts and a breakdown of mechanical functions. For those sensitive, this can be a difficult time as our emotions are on edge and people are quick to speak and act without thought, often with anger. Many people choose to not take on any new projects, sign contacts or other documents or make large purchases while Mercury is retrograde. For those willing to do some personal spiritual work, Mercury Retrograde can provide rewards as well, including physical and spiritual cleansing, owning our own emotions, understanding our shadow self and clearing space for future spiritual endeavors.

Upcoming Mercury Retrograde dates for 2019:

-October 31 - November 20

Upcoming Mercury Retrograde dates for 2020:

-February 18 - March 9th

-June 19 - July 11

-October 16 - November 2

Here’s some survival tips:

- Carry an Ulexite Crystal, it can help negate the effects of Mercury Retrograde

- Don’t take things personally, emotions are intense at this time and people may say things they don’t really mean

- Read the fine print on any contracts and get as much information as possible before signing anything

- Take ten minutes to breath and think before posting something online

- Think deeply about what you are going to say before saying it

- Make time to hang out with those close to you and LAUGH often

- Leave early for appointments and travel

- Back up your data

- Be aware that people from your past may suddenly pop up in your life

- Finish any projects you started

- Don’t start anything new if possible

- Keep an Amethyst Crystal by your bedside to filter out errant energies in your dreams

- Get a tune up on your vehicle before traveling long distances

- Update your personal profiles with a fresh picture and bio

- Check any work again for mistakes

- Clear any clutter at home or work, donate unwanted items. Physical cleansing always leads to spiritual cleansing

- Be extra kind to friends and family

- Reach out to anyone who has been on your mind lately

- Work on your Shadow Side

- Be a good listener, let people speak and don’t offer advice unless asked

We hope this helps! Brightest Blessings and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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