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We do not offer a full online inventory as we have thousands of unique or one-of-a-kind items that would make it nearly impossible to sell online.


We will occasionally post some special items for sale below.  Please visit our brick and mortar shop in Phoenix, Az to see our extensive inventory.

Magickal Oils:

These are our house made MagicKal Intention Oils that have a base of Jojoba (except the 'Money Draw' which has a traditional Olive Oil Base) and come in a half fluid ounce brown glass bottle. These MagicKal Oils are perfect for anointing, candle magick, ritual bathing, and more!  Choose from: Air Element, Attraction, Blessing, Black Cat, Banishing, Bliss, Communication, Dragon's Blood, Dream Journey, Earth Element, Fire Element, Healing, Hex Breaker, High John, Inspiration, Justice, Love, Luck, Meditation, Money Draw, Meditation, New Growth, Northern Winds, Prosperity, Protection, Psychic, Reversible, Road Opener, Strength, Van Van,  or Water Element.

$10, shipping included within the USA.



Cleansing and Protection Kit

One small White Sage Bundle (burn to cleanse), one Palo Santo stick (Holy Wood- burn to bless a space, person or object) and a small Black Tourmaline Crystal (carry for spiritual protection). There will also be a Mantra card with a cleansing and prosperity mantra as well as information on your crystal.

$9, shipping included within the USA.

Book of Shadows Journal by Lisa Parker

Beautiful unlined journal. $18, includes shipping within the USA.

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

New sealed 78 card deck and booklet. $16, includes shipping within the USA.