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Our Customer Service & Production Staff

Fantasia Crystals would not be the same without the hard work of our amazing, compassionate and knowledgeable staff:

Amy & Michael (owners)

 Erik & Karli (managers)  

Dianne,  Felecia,  Aaron,  Lisa, Stacey & Codey (staff)

Psychic and Tarot Card Readings Sign wit

Psychic & Intuitive Readers

Disclaimer: Psychic readers are independent contractors and are not employed by Fantasia Crystals, LLC. All psychic and intuitive consultations are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal spiritual life and do not in any way constitute legal, financial, or professional advice. Fantasia Crystals is not responsible for any issues that arise between the readers and their clients. All payments are made directly to the readers and not through Fantasia Crystals.  

Regina LaRue - 3rd Generation Hoodoo Practioner & Reader
Bella Luna
Maybe Stewart
Read Greyer - Metaphysical Strategist
Read Greyer
Terre Steed

Regina LaRue is available  Sundays unless teaching a class.
Angela is available  Saturdays.
Nicole is available Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
Maybe Stewart Reads on Wednesdays starting November 22nd.
Bella Luna Reads on Fridays starting December 1st. 
Terre is available occasionally.
Call 602-277-0538 for more information.

Runestone reading. Scandinavian runes di
Fortune teller female hands and tarot ca

Call 602-277-0538 to reserve your appointment. 

Psychic and Intuitive Reader Info


All Readers are Independent Contractors and set their own prices. You will pay them directly (cash or card) . Some Readers charge a small fee to take a debit or credit card on their phone. All reviews should be directed to their personal business pages. Readings are in a semi-private room. Some Readers offer phone readings as well. 

Regina LaRue $40 half hour / $80 Full Hour 

Angela  $40 half hour / $80 Full Hour 

Nicole $40 half hour / $80 Full Hour 

Bella Luna  $40 half hour / $80 Full Hour 

Maybe Stewart  $30 half hour / $60 Full Hour 

(discounted readings as Maybe is new to reading professionally)

Terre Steed $40 half hour / $80 Full Hour 

Call  602-277-0538 to make an appointment. We do not make online appointments, you must CALL (no text, no email please) to schedule. Thank you and Brightest Blessings!


Reader bios:
Regina LaRue is a 3rd Generation Traditional Hoodoo Practitioner & Teacher, Conjure Woman and Tarot Reader. She is also known within her tradition as being “Two Headed”, which means she can see into both the mundane and spirit worlds. Come and seek the wisdom and guidance of Spirit for your money & career matters, as well as your relationship concerns. Her readings will help to uncover the major blocks in your life, and assist you on your Soul’s Journey. She will offer you powerful insight on how to heal, empower, and transform your situations for the better! Readings are $40 a half hour, cash or card, paid directly to her. She may charge a small fee for credit and debit cards. Be sure and visit her  page and leave her a review. Call 602-277-0538 to make a reservation. Regina's Facebook Page 

Angela is a medium and clear channel who works with angels, ancestors, animal totems and spirit guides to bring in clear guidance for the way forward. As an empath, she reads from a place of light and compassion for the highest good of all. Her Tarot and Oracle Card readings offer guidance and support through challenging times, while assisting you to align with your inner gifts and wisdom. Readings are $40 in cash, and $42 for PayPal/Venmo.  Call 602-277-0538 to make a reservation.  Angela's Facebook Page

Nicole is a Natural Psychic who uses Tarot to passionately be of service assisting in predictions, timelines, karmic patterns and solutions. She considers herself an “ambassador to spirit” through Evidential Mediumship and Dimensional Channeling, where it is her honor and privilege to honestly connect with the beloved dead and cosmic hierarchies. Any questions or concerns will be supported with integrity in a non-judge mental space. Reading are $40 per half hour and she charges a small fee for credit and debit cards. Mediumship Readings require a full hour. Call 602-277-0538  to make a reservation. Facebook link coming soon

Bella Luna is a Psychic, Intuitive and Medium that can help with various life matters using Tarot cards and other tools. She can assist in your personal path and purpose and as a Medium she can help you connect to departed loved ones. She charges $40 per half hour (small additional fee for credit and debit cards She takes PayPal, Venmo and Zelle). You can visit her page at: Call 602-277-0538 to make a reservation.  Belle Luna's Facebook Page

Maybe Stewart  has experience reading for friends, family and community but is just stepping out into doing professional readings, so readings will be discounted ($30 , normally $40) for the first month or so. Maybe Stewart (they/he) is an intuitive tarot reader, social activist, and kitchen witch. As an empath, they find joy in helping members of their spiritual community heal from trauma, overcome obstacles, and regain personal agency through tarot. Their focus in readings is to provide support and guidance through tricky times, and help you connect with your personal power in any situation. Call 602-277-0538  to make a reservation.  Maybe Stewart's Facebook Page

Terre Steed has been a Tarot Reader and Witch for over 25 years. He is an initiate of the Mohsian Tradition of British Traditional Witchcraft, and is High Priest of Corfolk Coven. Terre was the first graduate of Fantasia Crystal's School of Magickal Arts (S.O.M.A.) and continues to be active in the SOMA community. As a devotee of Apollo and an Intuitive Reader, Terre specializes in helping his clients see deeper truths about themselves, their lives and life choices. Call 602-277-0538  to make a reservation 

Read Greyer  is now retired.  

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