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Working with Elemental Pentagrams

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

For ritual work, the Elemental Forces can be invoked for assistance in your magickal working and banished when the ritual is over. By calling in these elements you can create a balanced energy within your sacred space for meditation, ritual or divinatory work.

Elemental Chant:

Earth my body, Water my blood,

Air my breath and Fire my spirit

Let's discuss what the elects represent so we have a better understanding of how they can be useful for personal betterment.

Earth Element - North

Prosperity & Abundance, Tangible Items, Home, Family, Stability, Decision Making, Grounding, Physical Healing, Animals, Employment and Protection.

Air Element - East

Communication, Mental Healing, Astral Workings, Inspiration, Psychic Work, Imagination, Focus, Intellect, Memory, Clarity, and Expression.

Fire Element - South

Motivation, Spiritual Healing, Creativity, Transformation, Energy, Creation, Destruction, Force, Momentum, Passion, Courage, Lust, Action, Desire, Enthusiasm.

Water Element - West

Love, Empathy, Emotional Healing, Dream Work, Magick, Physical Fertility, Beauty, Divination, Cleansing, Sleep, Compassion, Grace and Friendship.

Many use a ritual blade or wand to create the elemental pentagram in the air in the appropriate direction (see photo below) while others are comfortable simply using their index finger on their dominant hand. Often this would be done starting the north with a simple:

"I call to the guardians of the North and the powers of Earth! Shine your blessings of strength and stability upon my work! Hail and welcome!"

"I call to the guardians of the East and the powers of Air! Shine your blessings of wisdom and knowledge upon my work! Hail and welcome!"

"I call to the guardians of the South and the powers of Fire! Shine your blessings of creativity and courage upon my work! Hail and welcome!"

"I call to the guardians of the West and the powers of Water! Shine your blessings of love and intuition upon my work! Hail and welcome!"

Some practitioners would also call to the beings associated with the directions: Gnomes for Earth, Sylphs for Air, Salamanders for Fire and Undines for Water. An alternative would be working with Angelic spirits: Uriel for Earth, Raphael for Air, Michael for Fire and Gabriel for Water.

An offering to the elements is appropriate as well after making a call to them. Salt or dirt can be offered for Earth, a feather or bell for Air, a candle or Citrine Crystal for Fire, spring water or a sea shell for Water.

After your work has ended, many find it fitting to thank and bid farewell to the elemental energies, starting in the west while tracing the

appropriate banishing pentagram:

"Element of Water, thank you for your blessings, Hail and farewell!"

"Element of Fire, thank you for your blessings, Hail and farewell!"

"Element of Air, thank you for your blessings, Hail and farewell!"

"Element of Earth, thank you for your blessings, Hail and farewell!"

There is no right or wrong way to work with these elemental energies, be creative with what methods you use and continue to practice until it becomes comfortable. We hope this inspires you to creative beautiful, successful rituals that help you be the best YOU that you can be. Brightest Blessings!

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Fantasia Crystals
Fantasia Crystals
Jan 02, 2019

Awesome! Thank you for sharing.


There is an affirmation or blessing I do that I'd like to share. Hope it's ok.

"I am made of Earth and Water

With Air to exchange to energize me

And Fire within to warm me

And Spirit, to bring me life"

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