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Eclipse Energy For Spiritual Change

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Eclipse Energy can be difficult- and useful

Eclipse energy is intense to say the least. Many of our friends, family and clients have experiences incredibly difficult and emotional days with lack of sleep, feelings of hopelessness, loss and even questioning their entire being around eclipses. For me, the last one was the hardest emotional week in many years, but I am finding the lessons valuable and starting to see the other side- one that is brighter and more inviting than ever before.

Ancient cultures all around the world feared the disappearance of a celestial body and eclipses were seen as powerful omens of upcoming change. We bring this into a modern world but see the change taking place within ourselves on a spiritual level. This energy is about looking deep within the self, finding our faults and facing our innermost fears as best we can. It is a powerful time for change- if we make the choice to face it. Eclipse energy also brings Karma forcefully and abruptly into our lives, causing us to see our past mistakes, particularly those we have tightly packed away without processing, and the Karmic debt we owe. Those experiences where we brought emotional harm to others without trying to make amends will come back in a fierce and unforgiving way for many people, if they haven't already this week.

There’s a few things we can do to face this intense energy and work through its lessons:

Spend time in the dark and let your emotions pour out. Think about your personal karma and anyone you have wronged without trying to remedy the situation. Focus on your fears of the world, the hate and anger so rampant in our society, as well as aspects of the self that no longer serve you. Bring forth your feelings about your own life, where you have been, the lessons learned or avoided and any fear of failure that may reside in you. Cry, scream, be angry at yourself if needed- this process is not going to be easy but you must free yourself from its fetters or it will resurface in even more destructive ways when you least expect it. This may take more than one session, don’t push it, your guides will help you know when it is done. When you are finished, turn on the light and draw or write. The purpose is not to be creative but to get your emotions out on paper. It could be angry or disturbing, and may not make sense, but trust that this is the process you need right now. When you feel like you’ve gotten it all out, burn the paper in a safe place if possible. If not bury it, or throw it in a trash receptacle. You haven successfully transformed this energy in the physical and spiritual planes.

Next, take a long, warm bath with some grounding Essential Oils such as Cedar Wood or Patchouli. Light some candles and incense if you can to enhance the experience. If this isn’t possible, a long shower will suffice. As you find yourself submerged in the water, say a mantra or prayer of cleansing that is fitting to your spiritual needs. Something like “I cleanse, clear and remove from me all negative energies and any thought patterns or old programming that no longer serves me. I release any ties, cords or connections, or any thoughts sent to me against my will. I fill myself with peace, love, health, wealth and and joy. Let me act with compassion and love in this world. And so it is.”

This next step is when we take physical steps to right any wrongs that we can. Reach out to those you have wronged if possible (and safe) and do your best to make amends for your actions. When this isn’t possible you can sit quietly in sacred space and let the universe, your guides, gods or ancestors know that you are truly sorry for your actions. Expect some emotions to surface but they will be more gentle and forgiving this time. Make a promise to your sources to do something good for someone without them knowing, a random act of kindness (or many depending on your past actions) will do a world of good for you and others. Your time is a most worthy sacrifice.

Lastly, take some time to just be in a quiet place. Think about the new direction your life will go in and be thankful for the blessing found in this difficult time. Build up your personal power and your shields once again. This time you will be stronger, your protective shield will be brighter and you will walk this world with a new found sense of confidence, compassion and the ability to let your true self to be known to the world. Head out in the world and let your first new experience be one of treating yourself to something special. Include your loved ones if at all possible. You are strong, beautiful and your new light will cause those around you to shine brightly as well, helping to create positive, lasting change in the world that so dearly needs it.

Brightest Blessings

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