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Crystals For Spiritual Transformation

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

What is Spiritual Transformation?

Spiritual transformation is a fundamental change in a person's sacred or spiritual life. We can look at it as an end to one cycle and the beginning of a newer, brighter outlook from a spiritual standpoint. Spiritual Transformation is often proceeded by a bit of turbulence- essentially a ‘shaking loose’ of things that no longer serve us. This could be bad habits, old thought patterns, previous programming (religion, media, etc), relationships of all types and possibly a big change in our spiritual worldview.

Going through a Spiritual Transformation is often compared to a caterpillar making it’s beautiful change into a butterfly. We often feel bogged down, with no real clear sight on the future when the process begins. Feelings of cloudiness, loneliness, confusion, lack of momentum, anxiety and fear can be precursor to upcoming needed changes to create a better us. It can be a painful process, but without some hardship there cannot be healthy change. Your dark side -your inner demons or shadow self- may surface in an unpredictable way as we begin to change and caution must be taken to not let if affect us or our relationships in a negative way. Keep your emotions under control and let them out at an appropriate time.

We can help this process with regular Spiritual cleansings, by seeking out qualified Spiritual Teachers and Readers, by physically un-cluttering our homes and workplaces, with deep meditation, with the use of various Crystals, grounding out by visiting a beautiful natural place like a forest, lake or mountain or simply sinking our bare feet into the earth herself. Gaze at the moon, feel the warmth of the sun on your face, let the gentle rain fall upon your shoulders, feel your place in the cosmos by connecting to the natural rhythms of the desert around you. Embrace the change! Take it head-on, without fear, knowing that things will be so much better when the process is completed. You are powerful and the future is yours!

Useful Crystals for Spiritual Transformation:

Amethyst - This beautiful purple Quartz crystal is perhaps the most useful of them all for Spiritual Transformation as it helps us to deal with fear- fear of change, fear of uncertainty, fear that we are doing something wrong, or fear that our desires will not manifest. Amethyst is also useful for Spiritual Transformation as it helps to align and balance all of the Chakras, bringing a heightened sense of awareness both physical and spiritual. It opens our Third Eye, allowing us to see things in a different light, to help us connect to Celestial Beings, to manifest things in a clear and affective way, and to feel a connection to the Divine. Placed by the bedside it can help reduce nightmares and carried can help keep our emotions from getting the best of us.

Azurite - Another great choice for opening the Third Eye, Azurite is an intensely powerful Crystal for Psychic work, Channelling, Astral Travel, loss of confusion and the ability to take on any challenges.

Moldavite - This unusual form of impact glass, or Tektite, was created by a massive meteor impact 15 millions years ago. It was an incredible forceful event and it can be felt by most with a buzz or hum when we hold it. It’s incredibly fiery and can cause change to happen very quickly, but always for our greater good, even though the ‘ride’ we take with Moldavite can be turbulent. Use in cases of severe stubbornness or fear of change to cause a dynamic shift in your spiritual and physical life.

Phenakite - Resonating with a very potent vibration, Phenakite helps to stimulate the mental processes, helping with memory and focus. it quickly opens the upper Chakras to help enhance Psychic and Intuitive gifts that have been laying dormant.

Bornite - Often called Peacock Ore, this stunning mineral resonates with Earth, Air, Fire and Water- making it very useful for bringing balance into upcoming changes. It is also helpful for expressing creativity, clear communication, deep and meaningful meditation, spiritual healing and balancing all the Chakras.

Stromatolite - These ancient fossils are the record keepers of life’s first blossoming on planet Earth and some have been dated to over 3.5 billion years.. Use these gentle fossils to help bring forth and heal painful past experiences, for removing spiritual blockages, to release old thought patterns and habits that are no longer serving us. Stromatalites are also great for tapping into past lives- which give us clues on why we have deep-seeded fears, fleeting memories from distant times, connections to other people we have never met in this life- all helping us to understand who we are and what our purpose in this incarnation is.

Nuumite - Another very old mineral, it acts in a similar way to Stromatolites, helping to deal with all past experiences from this incarnation or another more distant one. It is also good for stimulating the Root Chakra, allowing the Kundalini Energy to rise throughout all of the Energy Centers.

Kyanite - This strong Air Element Crystal is an excellent choice for divinatory work- for gazing into potential future choices. Many use it for any out-of-body work, including Astral Travel, dream work and meditation.

Selenite - Promotes a gentle, fluid transition.

Snakeskin Agate - Although difficult to acquire at times, this unusual form of Agate is great for creating inner strength, for shedding stagnant energies and ideas, for creative thinking and speaking from a place of truth. Use Snake Skin Agate to help slough off your old skin to welcome in a new, bright you.

-Brightest Blessings, Michael

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