Cleansing & Protection Incense Recipe

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Author: Michael Erwin

Cleansing & Protection Incense Recipe

2 parts dried White Sage

2 parts dried Mugwort

1/2 part dried Nettle Leaf

1/2 part Dragon’s Blood Resin

1/2 part Frankincense Resin

2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

(Mix well in mortar & pestle)

To Burn

1. Using tongs, take one charcoal piece & hold over a flame until it begins to spark. (be sure & wrap any remaining charcoal in foil)

2. Place in a heat safe bowl or censor full of sand (or salt) & wait a few minutes for it to get hot.

3. Remember that the coal can remain hot for around an hour.

4. Use with caution around children and pets.

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