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Answers from Ancestors (done during pandemic)

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Setting out again in the beautiful, damp desert today, this time with a focus on gaining insight from ancestors. The land was filled with new life and an abundance of wildlife and a few hikers enjoying the sunlight. Although normally a Rune Reader, the Tarot of Marseille cards my mother gave me years ago wanted to join me on the journey this time. Please know that messages come through as they do and not always by the book meaning. Thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey!

Brightest Blessings to you and yours.

A glorious desert full of beautiful new growth gives us hope. The path will be painful and difficult to navigate, but we will endure.

This first question asked about the nature of our situation was answered quickly by ancient and unfamiliar ancestors, their primal energy buried deep within the earth but seeped up through the new growth to offer their wisdom. The Hanged Man reversed shows humanities inability to change- plodding a course through time with little regard for anything but themselves.We have been doing this for far to long and the earth has awakened to shake, shudder and free herself from humanities' fetters. There will be sacrifice to reach a healthier planet and we will lose people we love. The Devil card shows we have enjoyed the luxury gained through the destruction of the planet and that cycle has come to an abrupt and uncomfortable end. Seven of Swords reversed shows we have the ability to turn things around and that the youth of today need to make changes many of the older generation was too stubborn, fearful or unable to do.

The second question was asked regarding the outcome of our current pandemic. Eight of Swords shows we will be held down and sheltered in to slow the spread of disease and it will be harder than we expect. Fear and anxiety will run rampant and we must stay on top of our emotions. The Nine of Cups shows that we must remain strong and keep our dreams alive but on hold for the time being. Valet De Deniers (Page of Coins) in this instance represents current plans that we need to put on hold. Buckle down, be wise with your resources, plan for the future but keep strategies together for getting through these lean times.

The last card pulled was for a message of hope during this trying period for humanity. A great grandfather on my mothers side, someone I did not know, came through the spirit of this cactus, along with the intoxicating aroma of rich pipe tobacco. Clearly a message of harmony, peace and a bright future came through, along with the sweet and uplifting smell of citrus blossoms from a nearby neighborhood. His message was clear as day: there is hope in this dark world, but it lives within those willing to make difficult change for a better future, with a focus on the health of our planet. We must learn to be in harmony with our ecosystem and stop pretending that we dominate it. Some hard lessons will bring a brighter future for those who will come after us.

Be well and BE the change our world needs! Michael

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