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There are two ways to reserve your space for classes and events:


1) Come into Fantasia Crystals and sign up for classes in person.


2) TEXT 602-622-8984 (calls not accepted) with your name, event name, date, & how many attending.


**Attendees required to wear a proper mask over nose and mouth, 

and to maintain established 6ft spacing from other students for the duration of class**

**Text us within 24 hours if you cannot attend, so others can**


In an effort to provide a safe space for the community Fantasia will be holding classes in an outdoor patio. Before signing up, please note:


*Weather cancellations may occur right before or during class*

*You will want to dress properly for the weather*

*Classes are for ages 13 or older with parent unless otherwise noted in description*

*Come early as parking may be difficult * 

*Cash or card accepted by instructor 15 minutes prior to class, so please come early.

Labor Day Monday, September 7th - open 10am-5pm

Energy & Magick Basics (School of Magickal Arts Class) – October 8 (Thursday 6-7:30pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. Explore the fundamentals of magick and energy, including techniques to raise, move, and direct the flow and impact of energy in our lives. $15


Tarot 101- October 9 (Three Fridays 6-9pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. In this three part series you will begin to unlock the keys to the tool called Tarot. Beginning with its mysterious origins, Tarot has fascinated students, and inspired seekers for centuries. Learn to use this versatile tool to probe the past, expand your understanding of the present, and peer into the future. Class 1: Overview of the Tarot system, including history, origins, and the fundamentals of the Major and Minor Arcana. (2 hrs 6-8pm) Class 2: In-depth exploration of the esoteric meaning of numbers, and distinct energies of the four suits of the Minor Arcana. We will also discuss developing a personal connection with your cards. (3 hrs 6-9pm) Class 3: We will delve into the mystery that is the Major Arcana. In this class we will also discuss layouts in depth. (3 hrs 6-9pm) Please bring a standard 78 card Tarot deck with you for classes 2 and 3. $80


Ritual and Magickal Tools (School of Magickal Arts Class)- October 10th (Saturday 6-7:30pm) 

Facilitator: Michael Erwin. In this class we will compare and contrast a wide variety of magickal tools used across a spectrum of pagan practices, and discuss when and how to use them. $15


Wheel of the Year (School of Magickal Arts Class)- October 14 (Wednesday 6-7:30pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. Join Beth for an introduction to Pagan holy days, and the connection they offer us to the gods and community. Learn how you can use the Wheel to find balance in the rhythms of life and death. $15


Paganism 101 (School of Magickal Arts Class)- October 18th (Sunday 3-4:30pm) Facilitator: Michael Erwin. Paganism is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of spiritual paths and practices. Learn a working definition of the word, and discover where you fit into the scheme. $15


Pendulum Workshop- October 22 (Thursday 6-9pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. The pendulum is an ancient tool that has been used throughout the centuries for divining everything from finding a source of water in the desert, to finding the answers to questions about one's journey and path through life. Join Beth as she guides you through some history and basic techniques of using the pendulum. $30


Special Author Event: October 24th (Saturday 5-6:30pm) 'Asatru: A Beginner’s Guide to the Heathen Path' Book signing & storytelling with Author Erin Lale. Event is free to attend, mask required. Event will be held outdoors and moved inside if there is rain. Books will be available for purchase (cash or charge) from Fantasia Crystals. Donations graciously accepted. No reservation required.


Kitchen Witchery- November 5 (Thursday 6-8pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. Discover magick within the mundane by learning the art of Kitchen Witchery. Join Beth in this introduction to the philosophy and techniques of living a magickal life. Learn to find hidden power in the domestic arts and in the natural world that surrounds us. $25


Astrology 101- November 6 (3 Fridays 6-9pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. Students will need to attend all three consecutive Friday evenings. Join Beth as she examines ten celestial bodies in our solar system, as well as the twelve signs of the zodiac, (and more) exploring their influences on our lives. Class 1 begins with the history and origin of the western system of astrology. After breaking down the mechanics of how the sun, planets and zodiac interact we will learn about the astrological significance of the eight planets, sun and moon, as well as illuminating the meaning of the terms “direct and retrograde movement”. Class 2 we will dive into the signs of the zodiac, learning about dualities, triplicities and quadaruplicities. In this class you will learn how to draw and read your own natal chart. Class 3 we will expand what we've already learned by exploring the houses, their angles, quadrants, and the significance of the the horizon. $95


Wortcunning: Herbs, Incense & Oils (School Of Magickal Arts Class)- November 7 (Saturday 6-7:30pm) Facilitator: Michael Erwin. Information will be offered regarding the different types of oils, resins and herbs. Tips will be given on basic medical and magickal Herbalism, as well as the power of blending your own oils, potions, incense and more!  $15


Magickal Symbols (School of Magickal Arts Class)- November 15 (Sunday 3-4:30pm) Facilitator: Michael Erwin. Symbols are tools humans use to interpret, and create reality. Join us as we explore the fundamentals of symbol meanings, as well as techniques for using symbols magically. $15


Working with the Elements (School of Magickal Arts Class) – November 18 (Wednesday 6-7:30pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. The natural world is created, destroyed, and reborn through the majesty of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Learn how to connect with the power of these four elements. $15


Spell-casting- December 4 (Friday 6-8pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. Inside each of us is the power to create and destroy, to succeed and fail, to bring in the new, and to release the old. Join Beth for a two hour exploration of the fundamentals of casting spells. Learn how to transform your life with magick. $20


Divination Basics (School of Magickal Arts Class) – December 10 (Thursday 6-7:30pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. The world of divination is huge and we have many tools at our disposal to tap into. Learn the basics of tapping into hidden information so we can avoid obstacles or work our way towards blessings in our path. $15


Ornithomancy- December 11 (Friday 6-8pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. Across centuries and cultures humans have recognized birds as messengers of the gods, and the spirt world. Join Beth as she explores the practices and deeper meanings of bird divination. $20


Trance & Meditation Basics (School of Magickal Arts Class) – December 16 (Wednesday 6-7:30pm) Facilitator: Beth Rodriguez. Trance and Meditation are techniques for opening your consciousness to deeper levels of self knowledge, higher levels of universal truth, and information that is stored in the collective unconscious. $15

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